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Welcome to Zienoow's Site

GT4 status @ 01/11/05

Gran Turismo 4

As you can see on the picture on the left I succeeded my 100% in the game. In between time, I shall update this clickable picture everytime I make more progress, gain some more A-Spec points that is.
I switch from metric to imperial system, so you can compare the results.

How I play GT4

My main target playing the game is to win the races, but I thought that was obvious to you!

However, I try to achieve that using the smallest amount of credits possible, also I try to win the races with the cars I win from the game, lots of practice, exploration of the tracks and the cars, before I start the race. That's why my win-ratio is that high, my game completion as of 1 november 2005 at 100%.

Licence test

With only GT3 and GT4 Prologue played before, and not that much experience with only 15 Golds in GT3 and all Golds in GT4 Prologue, I started on the GT4 Licence Tests.
That triggered me off to go for all golds in GT4 licence tests and that's what I did, it took me quite a long time but I did it anyway.
Some of those licence tests took me 15 minutes, others more then 4 hours to get the Gold, but it was well worth the effort.
You learn how to get the most of a car and the tricky places of each circuit

ToCA Race Driver 3

For the moment all my spare time goes to playing this game, I like to play it to the 100% gamestatus by the end of the year.

Cyberscore needs help!!!

I am proud of being a Cyberscore member, I enjoy the site as many others do and I made there some real good friends. It gives a lot of people some healthy competition throughout the year, all this on a private enterprise of a handful of people.
Unfortunatly the site has become a little on the expensive side to maintain, and it has come to the point where the administrators cannot maintain it on their own income.

This message is to all of you, visiters of my site, losing Cyberscore would mean to lose a major integral part of my site, therefore I want to ask: help Cyberscore to survive. You can help by donating to Cyberscore through the link below, each part what lead up to a bit of money for Cybescore is helpful. Thank you